Ensure Your Electrical Equipment Meets Australian Standards

Electrical testing and tagging is a vital part of workplace safety. The Occupational Health and Safety Act and the Mines Safety and Inspection Act require employers to provide a safe work environment. To ensure that all of your employees are safe, you should ensure that all of your electrical equipment is tagged and tested on a regular basis. Cyber Zystem Test and Tag in Perth will ensure that your equipment meets these standards and are compliant with the relevant Australian Standards.

In a commercial operation, all electrical equipment must be tagged and tested. According to AS/NZS 3760:2010, thirty percent of workplace fatalities are caused by damaged or improperly connected cords. By using the latest equipment, Perth electricians can prevent workplace accidents and injuries and ensure the safety of your staff. Whether your workplace is small or large, Cyber Zystem Electrical Services can help you stay compliant and reduce costs.

The safety of your workplace is paramount and the tagging and testing of electrical equipment is essential to ensure compliance. The proper tagging and testing of your equipment will ensure that your employees are safe and your property is not at risk. If you are worried about electrical safety, you can contact an electrician in Perth to ensure that your workplace is safe and compliant. The process is simple and effective. With the latest tools and technology, you’ll be assured that your workplace will be safe and legal.

As a business owner, you need to make sure your electrical equipment in Perth is up to code and meets Australian standards. The AS/NZS 3760:2010 guidelines are essential to ensure the safety of your staff and your equipment. Choosing a qualified and experienced electrician can help ensure your workplace is safe and compliant. When you hire an electrician in Perth, you can rest assured that your electrical equipment is properly tested and tagged.

Whether you need electrical equipment tagged or not, it is essential to ensure that your employees are safe and that your company follows all the regulations for workplace safety. The AS/NZS 3760:2010 standard is the Australian Standard that sets the rules for the test and tagging process. This standard is important for all companies as it determines the standards for testing and tagging. By following the standards, your staff and equipment will be safe.

If you are in QLD and wish to offer a service for electrical equipment, you will need to have a license. The RET licence is a requirement for anyone who wants to offer test and tag. If you are selling a product, you must have it tagged. Cyber Zystem Electrical Services is a licensed electrician. They will do the required tests to ensure the safety of your equipment and staff. This will help you save money in the long run by preventing any damage to your property.

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Electrical Test and Tag Services

Whether you are in need of a safety inspection for your new property or you are looking to upgrade your current one, you should contact Perth Cyber Zystem. This Australian company can handle all your requirements with expertise and courtesy. They also provide a variety of tagging and certification options for both residential and commercial properties. This Australian company offers electrical, gas, and building safety inspections to ensure that you are fully compliant with the regulations in your locality.

The process for electrical testing and tagging is governed by the Australian Standard, AS/NZS 3760. The regulations and guidelines outline how to conduct these tests, who is allowed to carry out them, and other general guidelines. You can hire a company that provides electrical test and tag services in Perth to protect yourself and your staff. We are local to the region, which makes it easy for us to accommodate your specific needs.

ATS technicians are experienced in performing these services in Western Australia. These professionals have the skills to service businesses in the mining, construction, and government sectors. In addition to providing electrical safety inspections, ATS technicians also carry out tagging services for equipment and appliances. This ensures that all of your equipment meets OH&S requirements and is safe for use. They work with you to find a solution that fits your unique needs.

Electrical testing and tagging Perth services are vital to the safety of your workplace. You should always have your equipment tested to ensure that it is safe to use. In addition to tagging, you should also make sure that your generator is properly earthed. This will help prevent any accidental electrocution that could occur while using it. A professional electrical tester will be able to assess your equipment and give you a detailed quote that explains exactly what you will need.

Electrical tests are necessary for the safety of your property. Whether it is a temporary electrical safety inspection or a permanent fixture, a professional electrician can help you maintain safety and prevent accidents. Cyber Zystem is a trusted provider of electrical testing and tagging services in Perth. We are a family-owned business, and our goal is to improve the safety of every business we service. They will not only provide you with quality work, but they will also offer great tips to protect your home.

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What are the numbers of solar panels required to run a house?

If your monthly average electricity consumption is 1000kWh, you should need around 20 to 30 solar panels. However, it depends on the quality and output of the panels for which you may need to rely upon an Electrical Test and Tag Services company. 

Solar panels range in output. Secondly, there are many other factors to determine how many solar panels you require. You can take the assistance of experts from reputed solar companies like Cyber Zystem for this. 

Know how to determine how many solar panels you require to run your house. 

The monthly average electricity energy consumption and the average monthly generation of solar energy at your place are two factors that determine the number of panels. Besides this, there are other factors for which you may have to consult with the best commercial solar company Darwin. Those factors are:

The output of solar panels 

The output of solar panels varies depending upon the sunshine. For example, a 6.6kW system generates 25.7kWh in Sydney whereas the same system generates 29.0kWh in Perth due to the difference in intensity of sunshine.

Panel quality 

The quality of panels is a major factor to determine the number of panels in your system. For example, if you use efficient panels (330W) from a reliable Solar Installation Company you may need 20 panels whereas in the case of 275W panels you may need 24 panels.

Size of your roof 

If you have a 32m2 roof space you will need 20 panels. But for a 40.8m2 space, you will need 24 panels. 

Never think that your job is complete even if you have effectively installed the panels. Make sure you have other components appropriately in place. For instance, a lithium battery solar system can enhance your output and generate the optimum energy you need.

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Who is the most reputable solar company?

Many solar companies provide reliable services like Mark Group, Cyber Zystem, Energy Matters, Infinity Solar, Solar gain, etc. However, it is not easy to determine the reputation of a company for many reasons. You will find companies at the country or international level whereas some companies are established at the local or province-level like Solar Installation company Perth

Every company has its expertise and specialization. For example, some service providers might be good at panel installation whereas others may be efficient in lithium battery solar system. You can anyway make out the reliability and reputation of the companies through a few factors.

How to determine the most reputable solar company?

Determining reliability through reviews 

You can examine blogs, articles, reviews on the website of the solar companies as well as from other sources like solar power journals and publications. Thus, you can find out the reputation of a Solar Installation company Darwin by its positive scores/stars and how long it has been in the market.

Quality of the Product 

You can assess a company by examining the quality of its product. For example, if a company provides solar panels, then ask the opinion of people who have already installed the panels from the company.

Customer relationship 

This is an area where companies prove that they are reliable and trustworthy. Try to witness how a solar company is paying personal attention to its customers.

Appropriate certification 

You must never rely upon any service providers or companies who do not have appropriate certification. You can even take the assistance of a Test and Tag company to ensure the authenticity of a service provider.  

Remember, installing a solar system is a long-term investment and you can never treat it as buying an appliance. So, know before you take action.

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5 Tips to find the best solar installation company

Australia is one of those countries aiming to focus more on switching to solar energy as this is 100% natural and safer for the environment. If you want to become of the 4 million residents eager to get solar in your home or commercial property, hire a residential and commercial solar installation company for a strategic installation of solar panels.

Here are the top 5 tips to find the best solar installation company—


Though the internet is submerged with uncountable companies claiming to offer the best solar installation services connect with the service provider strongly recommended by the other customers. The reviews and references can help you immensely to connect with a recognized, reliable, and customer-friendly solar installer anywhere in Australia.

Know the team 

Get close with the team to know more about the team spirit, management, work expertise, professionalism, and overall skill in selecting and installing the best solar panels for generating electricity and preserve it in Solar Panel Inverter Perth.  

Explore their work 

Apart from checking the portfolios of the companies, visit the houses or the commercial buildings where they have installed solar panels along with Solar Power Systems with Battery Storage to produce the natural energy and store it properly. By exploring their work physically, you can see the efficient craftsmanship of the installers that you are about to hire.

Test and tag services 

Test and tag or Electrical Test and Tag services are exclusive services offered by reputed Australian solar installation companies. They check and tag the accessories and solar panels before installing.

Install Top quality Products 

Usually, the top-notch Australian solar installation companies offer this service despite guaranteeing their customers the solar panels and accessories from Tier-1 manufacturers with a global reputation.

These are must-checked five tips for finding the best solar installation company.

Why Australians are growing more interest in solar?

The data must surprise you where over 70% of Australian residents have installed solar. Yes, Australia stands tall among one of those countries taking the pledge to save Mother Nature from the harsh effects of fossil fuel used for manufacturing electricity and the toxic effects of nuclear plants threatening the living world. If you’re living in Western Australia then like many of your neighbours and local offices or industries, you can call the best Solar Installation company Perth to get an immediate estimation of the cost to switch to solar. You can do it for various benefits despite saving the environment.

Explore some reasons why most Australians are growing interest in solar—

Quick installation 

Connect with a reliable service provider eminent for offering quick installation and recognised as the No-1 Solar Inverter Installation Company Perth for the best experience. The top-notch solar installers are dependable for having the most talented professionals and they provide the products from the Grade-A- solar manufacturers. So, whether it is the PVs or the inverters or accessories- you get the best in the market by choosing to get the solar installed by the No-1 company. 

Feasibility to produce energy 

Enjoy the freedom to produce the energy on your own and whenever it’s needed. Sign up with a strongly recommended Solar Panel Battery Storage Company Perth that can offer you the safest installation services.

100% harmless energy from the Sun’s Radiation 

Solar energy is collected from the Sun’s radiation. So, it’s 100% environment-friendly and natural.

Save on energy bills

You can save more on your monthly energy bills by switching to solar. 

Test & Tag Services Available

Hire a Test and Tag company that can replace the old solar installations with new products and will recycle the old solar PVs safely in their labs. 

So, go for solar and save the environment from Australia. 

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What services are provided by the top Australian solar installation companies?

When you would like to join the Go Green pledge by over 4.1 million residences in Australia by installing solar, then start by selecting a reliable solar installation company in the first place, recognised for offering Electrical Test and Tag services. Whether it’s a residential or a commercial property, by embracing 100% natural solar, you can save more on your monthly solar energy expenses. Be a part of protecting Mother Nature from the harsh effects of burning fossil fuels to produce electricity and from the emissions from nuclear plants. 

Services provided by the top Australian Solar Installation companies—

Residential Solar Installation

Connect with a team of highly skilled and experienced solar installers capable of installing PVs anywhere in your residential property. Usually, they prefer installing the PVs on rooftops. However, if you have ample space in your garden area or the patio, then the PVs are installed accordingly by following a strategic plan.

Commercial Solar Installation 

Hire a commercial solar installation company for installing the solar in your restaurant, shop, garage space, showroom and even warehouse to leash the skyrocketing energy consumption and monthly energy expenses. After the Coronavirus pandemic, when the economy is already suffocating, saving your hard-earned savings by installing solar that is 100% safe and natural is viable.


Popular solar installers offer this Buy-Back-Scheme where they buy the old solar system from you and will recycle them safely in their covered labs. In against that, the installers will come forward to erect a whole new solar setup with new PVs along with Solar Panel Inverter Perth for the best use. 

Setup your backup energy storage 

The solar ninjas also install Solar Power Systems with Battery Storage as a complete package against a price they charge. Reputed companies always use the branded solar products that ensure longevity and ROI. 

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5 Quick Tips to find & hire a reliable Australian solar installation company

Over 4 million Australian homes have installed solar energy besides the massive demand in the commercial sector. Your acquaintance with a top-rated Solar Installation company Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, etc., or wherever you belong, you can get high-quality solar installed in your property, whether residential or commercial, by maintaining 100% safety. 

If you wonder how to find and hire a reliable Australian solar installation company, then we have a few tips for you—

Go for a Test and Tag Company

Though the recognition, ratings, and reviews of the solar installation company you choose are always a priority, see whether it’s a Test and Tag company for receiving the extraordinary services that the contenders might not perform against the cost they charge!

Buy Back Scheme- The X-factor

Opt for the solar installers ready to offer the Buy Back Scheme. Here, they would willingly buy your old solar setup and will replace you with a new set of PVs, inverters, and other accessories needed.

Deals with Tier-1 Solar Manufacturers 

Tie up with a renowned Solar Inverter Installation Company Perth, Adelaide, or Victoria, if they partner with the Tier-1 solar manufacturers. The company must focus on providing 100% A-Graded products to win the customer’s trust.

Energy Monitoring Facility 

Sign up with the solar installers ready to set up an energy monitoring facility so that you can even check on the energy production in your property remotely. 

A Comprehensive Installation Package Provider

Finally, stick your attention to the service providers offering a comprehensive installation package. Check whether the Solar Panel Battery Storage Company Perth installs the inverters, battery storage; for having a backup in your facility. 

Embrace green energy by choosing solar, produced from the Sun’s radiation and without causing any threat to nature. Solar is 100% pure and safe for our environment and saves more on your energy bills.

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How Business Owners are benefited from Solar?

The world is now aware of the multiple benevolence of solar energy. Thus, the gradual acceptance of solar energy across the globe is found. From the governments to the corporate sectors, the acceptance of solar energy is witnessed. By hiring the best commercial solar installation company, many businesses are establishing their solar plants for protecting the environment and reduce energy costs.

By using the silent and clean energy of the Sun’s radiation, natural electricity is produced. This is a great way to preserve our natural resources as fossil-fuel energy causes excruciating damage to our environment and our finances at the same time.

Benefits of solar that business owners can enjoy in Australia-

  • By reducing the carbon footprint of the business

By installing a smart commercial solar system by Electrical Test and Tag services, business owners can easily lower the amount of fossil-fuel electricity consumption in their offices, factories, and warehouses.

The massive rise of commercial solar energy has significantly lowered the percentage of greenhouse emissions regularly asthey are now manufacturing and preserving the energy in Solar Power Systems with Battery Storage facilities.

By embracing renewable energy, the business world is showing its acceptance of eco-friendly solutions to not only the country but the world.

  • The renewable power supply is profitable

Those who are looking for the sustainability of their business and create a perfect environment for the forthcoming generation are installing commercial solar, along with placing a Solar Panel Inverter Perth or wherever they are located to store the energy.

The entrepreneurs can give a message to the world by using renewable solar energy that they are not only making profits by using green electricity, rather they are also contributing to preserving the environment and would like to create a long-term pollution-free world for our future.

Source: https://solarinverterinstallation.over-blog.com/2021/06/how-business-owners-are-benefited-from-solar.html

Why Solar for Education, Government & Commercial sector is gaining popularity?

Solar power is a silent and clean natural energy collected directly from the Sun’s radiation –i.e. the heat and light to generate electricity. Instead of opting for fossil-fuelled electricity, adopting solar power energy with the help of the best Solar Installation company Perth or wherever you stay is more eco-friendly to save our environment from the harsh effects of the greenhouse gas emits while producing fossil-fuelled electricity. You can also be a part of the change by switching to solar.

Solar Power in Government offices

As the government is supporting the usage of green electricity, the offices they own are also installing solar panels in many places. Besides saving the bills, the offices of the government employees can enjoy the freedom of generating the electricity according to the use without causing any harm to the environment. Any renowned Test and Tag company can support installation across the major cities and suburbs to save energy costs.

Solar Power and the business houses

Entrepreneurs who are looking forward to reducing the overall carbon footprint of their businesses can hire a reliable Solar Inverter Installation Company Perth to install solar. Besides protecting the environment, solar also ensures the best ROI than fossil-fuelled electricity. Starting from café owners to small IT business companies- all are adopting the “Go Greener” electricity for the versatile benefits the renewable energy offers.

Solar Power in Education Sectors 

The concerned governments of different countries are trying to incorporate solar power solutions in schools colleges and universities. To support the governments’ endeavor and most importantly to contribute to the environment for a better and safer future for our next generation, installing solar by the expert Solar Panel Battery Storage Company Perth or any other area is necessary for not only reducing the energy costs but for protecting the environment as well.

Source: https://solarinverterinstallation.blogspot.com/2021/06/why-solar-for-education-government.html